I am quite often asked what the best astronomy related apps are. So I’ve put together this short list of some of the ones I find particularly useful and use myself both in my spare time and as part of the astronomy talks I give.

Solar System by Marcus Chown (iPad) – £10.49

Whilst more expensive than most apps, it is less of an app and more of a fully fledged book. You can access the “chapters” from the easy to use main menu and each article is adorned with beautiful, interactive graphics and videos to bring the text to life.





Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe – £3.99

cox Brian Cox has become one of the most popular science presenters on TV in recent years thanks to his successful set of documentaries. This app was released to coincide with the Wonders of the Universe series but has recently been updated (works on both iPhone and iPad).





Star Walk™ – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide – £1.99

screen568x568Ever wondered what that star or constellation is? With Star Walk you can hold your smartphone or tablet up to sky it will overlay the constellations for you. Also comes with a whole host of additional info.