Business Talks

“Colin provided a provocative and alternative perspective and responded masterfully to a series of challenges from both the moderator and the audience on how to stimulate new thinking,”

Tina Woods, Organiser, GIANT Health Event

Science is all about trying to understand the way the universe works, and over the last hundred years we’ve had to turn many of our preconceptions about reality on their heads. I’m a strong believer that these lessons can be valuable far beyond the ivory towers of academia, teaching us something fundamental about the corporate world too. As an energetic and boundary-pushing speaker, let me open your eyes to a different way of thinking.

Time Travel: Is it possible and what can it teach us about innovation?

Time travel is a staple of science fiction, but many people are still unaware that time travel is also science fact. You’ll hear how Einstein’s theories of relativity have permitted a lucky few to travel in time, something which defies the way we usually think about time. Most crucially, however, you’ll hear how challenging similarly hard-wired preconceptions can lead to greater innovation within your organisation.


Stars, Cells and Silos: what astronomers and doctors can teach us about collaboration

Silos can be a big issue in many organisations – multiple teams working on similar problems without knowledge of what the others are up to. These artificial walls result in the company missing out on fruitful collective innovation. You’ll hear about the spectacular results achieved when two seemingly disparate groups – astronomers and medical doctors – broke out of their silos and worked together. Their story will illustrate the benefits of greater communication and collaboration, and inspire those within your organisation to think differently.

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