Physics World

I have written 30 articles for spanning astronomy, astrophysics, space science and cosmology.

Are there signs of SUSY in Planck data? – April 2013

Earth’s magnetic shield behaves like a sieve – November 2012

Star seen whizzing around supermassive black hole – October 2012

Origins of galactic jet seen for the first time – September 2012

Dark-matter hope fades in microwave haze – September 2012

Further proof of extraterrestrial origin of quasicrystals – August 2012

Was a giant planet ejected from our solar system? – November 2011

Asteroid has primordial core – October 2011

Milky Way stars born from intergalactic gas – August 2011

Dark energy spotted in the cosmic microwave background – July 2011

Galaxy classification is out of tune, say astronomers – July 2011

New type of supernova outshines the rest – June 2011

Unbound planets could abound in the universe – May 2011

Massive partner flips hot Jupiter – May 2011

Does dark matter link gamma rays to galactic haze? – April 2011

Kepler picks up stellar vibrations – April 2011

Star-hungry black hole could blow galactic ‘bubbles’ – March 2011

Physicists find new clue in coronal heating mystery – January 2011

Super-Earth’s atmosphere comes into view – December 2010

Obama’s dream of Mars at risk from radiation – November 2010

Earth-sized planets may be more common than we thought – October 2010

Asteroid crash would devastate ozone layer – October 2010

Solar system older than we thought – August 2010

Gamma-ray burst could kill off ocean life – July 2010

Huge telescope will struggle to find extraterrestrial life – July 2010

Exoplanet caught on the move – June 2010

Black hole twins spew gravitational waves – April 2010

Mysterious ‘dark flow’ at the edge of the universe – March 2010

‘Standard candle’ flickers too brightly – March 2010

Distant stars shed light on the solar cycle – November 2009