How to Live in Space is the ultimate guide to your future life in space. Physicist and astronomer Colin Stuart takes you through the training process, examines the practicalities of everyday life and looks ahead to space tourism, moon bases and interstellar travel. Presented with infographics and photographs, How to Survive in Space is a scientific yet entertaining guide to living in orbit, the viability of terraforming and the long-term effects of space on the human body.

How to Live in Space

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Praise for How to Live in Space

“The perfect book for anyone and everyone who is even remotely interested in how life will persist beyond our home planet. It’s an easy-to-read treasure trove of trivia and a gorgeous visual guide that makes you want to linger on each page a bit before consuming the next perfectly packaged bite of space survival tips. In short, it’s out of this world.”


Leonard David

“Stuart has written a witty and insightful book. How to Live in Space is an instructive, illustrated guide to life beyond our own planet. For those on the go, securely helmeted and ready for liftoff, this book is a pre-launch requirement.”

Publishers Weekly

“Stuart’s captivating handbook has something to amaze and entertain every reader.”


“An engaging and colourfully illustrated guide to prepping for life in space… an exhilarating virtual ride for space buffs everywhere