The perfect book on astronomy, astrophysics & cosmology for beginners

Based on ten years’ experience teaching introductory astronomy classes for adults

The Universe in Bite-Sized Chunks, the perfect book on astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology for beginners

The whole cosmos in your hands, The Universe in Bite-sized Chunks is your one-stop guide to everything you ever wanted to know about space and our place in it. The perfect astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology book for beginners.

This fascinating work will take you on an astral adventure, beginning with humanity’s very first astronomical observations, and ending with the latest thinking on the most cutting-edge discoveries. Along the way, you’ll learn about the Big Bang and the ultimate fate of the universe, Galileo and Newton, gravitational waves and shooting stars, the Aurora Borealis and the Apollo missions, quasars and dark energy.

With so many intriguing but often mind-boggling concepts to grasp, Colin Stuart uses all his knowledge and expertise to engage the reader and make the subject accessible, providing the very best start to your cosmic voyage of discovery. A maths and jargon free zone. Just the most interesting things in the cosmos explained in simple, everyday language.

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Praise for The Universe in Bite-Sized Chunks

BBC Sky at Night

“If you’re new to the subject… or are trying to spark the astronomy bug in someone else, then this volume is an excellent place to begin your adventure.”

Astronomy Now

“This book is a goldmine for anyone seeking to understand the present state of astronomical science, cosmology and how we arrived here from the earliest wonderings of our ancestors about the things they saw in the sky.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I almost feel I can’t review this book highly enough. Brilliantly written and makes head spinning topics make sense. It’s also given me the bug to learn more.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“I wish I could give it 6 stars. Such a perfect read. 10/10 on all fronts from organization of chapters, quality of content, quality of writing, subtle sprinkles of humour. No jargon and yet written in such a way that you don’t feel talked down to.”

Goodreads Reader

“A solid 5*/5, I can’t really fault it – if you want to find out about the universe read this.”


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