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My latest astronomy and space books

The front cover of Rebel Star by Colin Stuart

Discover if time travel is possible, explore time travel paradoxes & contemplate whether time even exists 

“Such an enjoyable read…
full of delightful nuggets
that you'll want to impress your friends & family with”

- Jim Al-Khalili

The front cover of Rebel Star by Colin Stuart

A cutting-edge look at how our ideas about our nearest star are changing as we launch a generation of new space telescopes

"Beautifully written — Colin Stuart explains these mind-expanding details with crystal clarity”

- Lewis Dartnell

The cover of The Astronaut Selection Test by Tim Peake

I worked with Tim on this book. It’s full of quizzes, exercises and tests to see if you’ve got what it takes to be an astronaut

"Such a good idea"

- Graham Norton

The front cover of How to Live in Space by Colin Stuart

Your one-stop-shop for crucial lessons about life away from Earth. Find out how you eat, sleep, drink and more

“Stuart’s captivating handbook has something to amaze and entertain every reader”

- Publishers Weekly