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I’ve been a school presenter and speaker for well over decade, regularly giving talks in schools up and down the country. In total I’ve spoken to over half a million people. I’m also an award-winning physics author & science writer.

Let me inspire your philosophy students to think big, expand their horizons and question the reality of the world around them. 

Talk: Do we have free will? 

A philosophy talk for schools on free will and determinism from presenter and speaker Colin Stuart time travel talk from a speaker for schools looking at the science and physics behind whether it is possible

Few people know that time travel isn’t just possible – it has already been done.

In this mind-expanding talk, students will hear the stories of the people who have travelled into their own futures and lived to tell the tale. And how they rely on the same physics whenever they use the map on their smartphone.

But the physics of time also has profound implications for our free will. Do we have a choice about what happens tomorrow? A set of time travel paradoxes holds the answer: free will is a stubbornly persistent illusion.

This physics-meets-philosophy talk is guaranteed to get students thinking deeply and seeing the world anew (although they were always going to anyway…)

Time: Ten Things You Should Know - the basis of Colin's philosophy talks for schools

Time: 10 Things You Should Know


This talk on free will is based on my recent book about time. It was included in the Waterstones Best Popular Science Books of 2021. Here is what other notable authors have had to say about it:

“Such an enjoyable read. Full of delightful nuggets that you will want to impress your friends and family with”

Prof Jim Al-Khalili

“Beautifully written and crystal clear. This is one of the best books on the subject I’ve read in, well, a very long time!”

Prof Lewis Dartnell

“This lovely, fascinating book blends history, geology, chemistry, philosophy and, of course, physics in a way that’s delightful to read. It’s easy to understand, yet full of mind-boggling ideas”

– Abigail Beall

Listen to me talk about free will, determinism and time in these podcast episodes from On the Edge and BBC Science Focus’s Instant Genius

What teachers say

about my school talks…

“The best talk the school has ever had.”

– Lingfield College

“An amazing talk. Thought provoking and inspiring.”

– King’s College School, Wimbledon

I still have Sixth Formers who say your talk changed their life!

– A Head of Sixth Form

“The majority of students put it as their number one event across all subjects during our enrichment week.”

– Lewes Old Grammar School

“The students have come back to me saying you were our best speaker yet.”

– Pangbourne College

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