Colin Stuart, astronomy author, speaker, schools space science presenter and solar eclipses expert

Astronomy author, keynote speaker and schools science presenter


I’m a multi-award-winning astronomy author, writer and speaker who has talked to over half a million people about the universe, including schools, the public and businesses. My twenty books have sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide and been translated into 23 languages. I’ve written over 250 popular science articles for publications including The Guardian, New Scientist, The Wall Street Journal and European Space Agency.


In recognition of my efforts to popularise astronomy, the asteroid (15347) Colinstuart is named after me. I won The Margaret Mallett Award for Children’s Non-Fiction in 2020 and the Solar Physics Popular Media Award in 2022. I’ve also been runner-up in the European Astronomy Journalism Prize. A fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, I’ve talked about space on Sky News, BBC News and Radio 5Live.


A photograph of schools astronomy speaker and science presenter Colin Stuart giving one of his talks

“The best talk the school has ever had.”


– Lingfield College (about How We’ll Live on Mars)

Author visits and Zoom virtual videos calls - astronomy science KS2 primary talks and workshops

 “The children haven’t stopped talking about what they learnt.”


– Gwladys Street School

A photo of Colin Stuart, a solar eclipses expert and tour guide for stargazing and northern lights / aurora trips

 “You played a great part in my enjoyment of the experience.”


– Solar eclipse travel client

An unusual astronaut team building workshop business conference keynote speaker on innovation

Learn how an astronaut’s mindset can help you succeed in business through effective teamwork and communication skills in my How to Think Like an Astronaut workshop.


And with the help of a space perspective, my keynote talks challenge assumptions and break down silos within your organisation. 

“Colin shares his message in a way that is easy to understand and truly inspires.”

– Maria Nygård, Upgraded Life Festival

Popular science writing course – how to be a science writer

Popular science writing course - how to be a science writer

Unlike other courses heavy on theory, there’s a strong focus on practical steps to get you paid writing work. I’ll take you through examples of successful pitches and show you how to write a non-fiction book proposal.

“More than worth the cost of the course 10 times over… I left the workshop with a head bursting with ideas and I am really excited to see how this develops for me”

– Previous course participant

My latest astronomy and space books

The front cover of Rebel Star by Colin Stuart

Discover if time travel is possible, explore time travel paradoxes & contemplate whether time even exists 

“Such an enjoyable read…
full of delightful nuggets
that you'll want to impress your friends & family with”

- Jim Al-Khalili

The front cover of Rebel Star by Colin Stuart

A cutting-edge look at how our ideas about our nearest star are changing as we launch a generation of new space telescopes

"Beautifully written — Colin Stuart explains these mind-expanding details with crystal clarity”

- Lewis Dartnell

The cover of The Astronaut Selection Test by Tim Peake

I worked with Tim on this book. It’s full of quizzes, exercises and tests to see if you’ve got what it takes to be an astronaut

"Such a good idea"

- Graham Norton

The front cover of How to Live in Space by Colin Stuart

Your one-stop-shop for crucial lessons about life away from Earth. Find out how you eat, sleep, drink and more

“Stuart’s captivating handbook has something to amaze and entertain every reader”

- Publishers Weekly