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I’m an award-winning author of children’s books on space and astronomy.

Browse my range of kids space books below. You can even order signed copies for your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews etc.

With personalised dedications available, they make great birthday or Christmas presents for the space mad child in your life. Click on or tap the covers to learn more.

Imagine that Nature has an unseen cookbook full of different recipes for making everything you’ve ever encountered, from fish to fingernails and sand to Saturn. The ‘ingredients’ are known as chemical elements and there are 118 that we know about so far. Some occur naturally, some are human-made, some are dangerous, some even glow blue!

Stunning surrealist artwork by Ximo Abadía meets easy-to-read informative text to create highly engaging content that will inspire future scientists.

Sit back and enjoy a cosmic tour of our awe-inspiring solar system with this illuminating illustrated guide. This exciting book makes learning a complex subject fun and accessible. Gaze at the beauty of our planets, Sun and Moon and discover dwarf planets, comets and asteroids. With insightful, bite-sized facts to devour and fabulous illustrations to marvel at, budding astronomers will be inspired and instilled with a sense of wonder at the diversity of our incredible solar system.

Co-ordinates for a mission to Mars have been locked into your navigation computer. But there are a few things you need to know before getting there. Are you ready for the seven-month journey and the astronaut training program? Written as an explorer’s guide and packed with scientific facts about our inspirational neighbour, Go on a Mission to Mars is guaranteed to inspire any young scientist.

The Speed of Starlight, a children's science book about physics. Signed copy as birthday present.

A book about physics, light and the universe with vivid, abstract illustrations

The Language of the Universe, a children's book about maths and numbers. Christmas present idea.

A maths book. Winner of the Margaret Mallett Award for Children’s Non-fiction in 2020

The Extraordinary Elements, a children's chemistry book. Signed copy.

The Periodic Table brought to life with the help of characters like Freddie Mercury

The front cover of Astonishing Atoms and Matter Mayhem by Colin Stuart, a science book for children

A science activity book full of try-it-at-home experiments

The front cover of Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations by Colin Stuart

A maths activity book full of try-it-at-home experiments and calculations

Why Space Matters to Me, children's books about astronomy

A look at how space affects our lives every day, often without us realising

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