Signed astronomy & space books | Birthday and Christmas present

Browse my range of popular space books, compelling astronomy non-fiction and introductions to the subject for beginners.

You can order signed copies, either for yourself or someone else. With personalised dedications available, they make a great birthday or Christmas present for the space enthusiast in your life. Click or tap on the covers to learn more.

Ever thought math(s) was boring? This book will convince you otherwise. Discover the different sizes of infinity, why circles have corners and how you’ve been cutting cake the wrong way your entire life

“A chatty, amusing and extremely accessible romp through some of the fascinating properties of numbers”


Rebel Star, a popular science book about the Sun. Signed copy present idea.

Find out whether time travel is possible, learn about time travel paradoxes and contemplate whether time even exists with this collection of ten short essays on the physics of time

“Such an enjoyable read… full of delightful nuggets
that you’ll want to impress your friends & family with”


Rebel Star, a popular science book about the Sun. Signed copy present idea.

A cutting-edge look at how our ideas about our nearest star are changing as we launch a generation of new space telescopes

The Astronaut Selection Test by Tim Peake, signed copy present idea

I worked with Tim on this book. It’s full of quizzes, exercises and tests to see if you’ve got what it takes to be an astronaut

How to Live in Space, a book about astronauts and space travel. Signed copy present idea

Your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about life away from Earth. Find out how you eat, sleep, drink and more

The Universe in Bite-Sized Chunks, a guide for beginners and introduction to astronomy and cosmology

A beginner’s guide. Everything from the Big Bang to black holes, explained in simple language with no graphs or equations

Mars: The Traveller's Guide, a space book about human spaceflight. Christmas present idea.

What do you need to pack for a trip to Mars? How do you breathe, beat the dust storms or protect yourself from radiation?

Front cover of Science the Sh*t out of Life - one of Colin Stuart's books

Self help books are often full of pseudo-scientific drivel. Not this one. Every piece of advice is backed up by peer reviewed research

The front cover of 13 Journeys Through Space and Time by Colin Stuart, a book about the history of astronomy

Explore how our understanding of astronomy has changed over the centuries with this look back at the RI Christmas Lectures

Physics in 100 Numbers, birthday present ideas

Physics broken down into digestible, easy to read explanations. Learn more about quantum physics, forces, particles and more

The front cover of The Big Questions in Science by Colin Stuart - signed copies available

Science is just as much about questions as answered. Read about the 20 greatest unanswered questions of our age