Astronomy Tour Guide - solar eclipse expert and more

Need a seasoned space speaker and astronomy tour guide to lead your clients through a solar eclipse, northern lights or stargazing experience?

Solar eclipse tour guide

Astronomy tour guide Colin Stuart during the 2019 solar eclipse in Chile

Having written a popular science book on the Sun, and with experience leading solar eclipse expeditions, I’ll be on hand to make sure your clients know what to expect and make their experience truly memorable.

From a presentation and Q&A session beforehand, to building excitement as totality approaches, you can count on me to make sure your once-in-a-lifetime event runs like clockwork.

[Image: Me, working as a solar eclipse tour guide in Chile in 2019]

Stargazing expert

The Milky Way photographed from Chile by stargazing expert Colin Stuart

I’m a veteran stargazer having led hundreds of observing sessions and visited some of the darkest sites on the planet across both hemispheres. I’ve seen the stars from the Sahara to the Atacama and know how to guide your clients through the night sky.

Crystal clear explanations of the science behind the stars will sit alongside tales from the myths and legends at the heart of the constellations.

[Image: My photograph of the centre of the Milky Way from Chile in 2016]

Northern Lights trips

The aurora borealis or northern lights

My book on the Sun dives deep into the physics behind the aurora. After all, the Northern Lights are the result of the Sun’s interaction with the Earth.

That means I’m expertly placed to explain to your clients why they are seeing what they are seeing. Having given public talks to over half a million people, I know how to make complicated science enthralling and engaging.


What people say

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Guest – Chile Eclipse 2019


“You played a great part in my enjoyment of the experience.”

Guests – Chile Eclipse 2019


“We so enjoyed you sharing your knowledge of solar eclipses and your patience in explaining and helping us.