Virtual author visits for schools - Zoom calls on space with an astronomer

Looking for a virtual visit from an author for schools? 

I’m an award-winning children’s author who writes non-fiction books on space and astronomy. My virtual author visits for schools – usually in the form of a Zoom call – inspire children to dream big and get them thinking about their future careers. Yet they are also designed to help teachers by cementing key aspects of the KS2 primary science curriculum.

As well as the following talks I also offer straight Q&A sessions during which pupils (and teachers) can get all of their space questions answered by an expert astronomer.

In person schools visits are available too.

Let’s Go On a Mars Mission

Virtual author visit for schools - a space and astronomy Zoom call and talk on astronauts and Mars by astronomer Colin Stuart


The first person to walk on Mars is already alive.

When Neil Armstrong became the first astronaut on the Moon he was 38 years old. Space agencies around the world are planning our first trip to the Red Planet in 30 years’ time. That means the first Martian is at primary school somewhere in the world right now.

When I was working with the British astronaut Tim Peake he told me that “Mars is on for ten year olds”.

This 35 minute interactive talk – packed full of stunning visuals – will inspire your students to dream about their future in the solar system while cementing many aspects of the KS2 science curriculum.

With a 10 minute Q&A afterwards, they’ll also get all of their burning space questions answered.

Watch the opening two minutes

Why Space Matters to Me 

Virtual author visit for schools - a space and astronomy Zoom call and talk on the solar system and planets with astronomer Colin Stuart


All too often the universe is seen as a remote and distant place that has little to do with our everyday lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Space affects us all the time, in many different ways. It drives the weather, sends us satellite TV, threatens us with dangers, helps keep track of time and is the ultimate source of all of our food.

Why Space Matters to Me is a 35 minute talk designed to get children to think about their relationship with space anew. Packed full of jaw-dropping visuals, it is also the perfect way to re-enforce the Earth and Space section of the KS2 science syllabus. A ten minute Q&A afterwards ensures the children will get all their burning space questions answered by an expert.

They’ll never look at the cosmos in quite the same way

What teachers say about my virtual author visits for schools…

“Our KS2 children were enthralled from the start. The talk included a great mix of stunning visual aids, scientific knowledge and fun space facts for the children to relate to.”

Claire Rushton

Shaw-cum-Donnington Primary 

“Colin engaged the children from the offset with his mind blowing facts and fantastic visuals. He pitched the content perfectly and his workshop inspired us all to become space experts!”

Dan Cadman

Ashley C of E School

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