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 Do you want cutting-edge science explained in a visually engaging and crystal clear way?

I’ve been an astronomy speaker and space science presenter for well over decade, regularly visiting schools up and down the country. Drawing on my work as an award-winning astronomy author and science writer, I will inspire your students to think big and expand their horizons.

But my talks and workshops are also designed to help teachers by reinforcing key aspects of the school science curriculum. You can see what teachers and students think of my talks at the bottom of the page.

How We’ll Live on Mars 

An astronaut on the surface of Mars, part of a space talk by schools astronomy presenter and speaker Colin Stuart


Today’s schoolchildren are the Martian explorers of tomorrow. The first person to walk on the Red Planet is probably already alive and under 18 years old. Are they at your school? In this awe-inspiring talk, packed full of stunning visuals and the latest scientific thinking, I’ll take you on a journey to Mars.

Based on several of my books, including The Astronaut Selection Test Book with Tim Peake, you’ll hear just what it’ll take to achieve the most audacious feat of exploration ever attempted. I will even bring a real piece of Mars with me in the form a Martian meteorite.

Strap in for the voyage of a lifetime!

Your ultimate guide to time travel

A time travel talk from a speaker for schools looking at the science and physics behind whether it is possible


Few people know that time travel isn’t just possible – it has already been done.

In this mind-expanding talk, students will hear the stories of people who have travelled into their own futures and lived to tell the tale. And how you rely on the same physics whenever you use the map on your smartphone.

We’ll also look at messy time travel paradoxes, from if it’s possible to kill a baby Hitler to the fact that the free will you think you have is probably a stubbornly persistent illusion.

This is physics at its most interesting, guaranteed to get students thinking deeply and seeing the world anew.

Rebel Star: The Sun’s Greatest Mysteries

A full disc image of the Sun, part of science week talk by astronomy speaker and science presenter Colin Stuart



The Sun is many things: beauty, beacon, battery, belligerent. It’s the biggest thing for light-years around and yet we actually know relatively little about it.

That’s changing thanks to an armada of new spacecraft recently lofted into the solar system to scrutinise the Sun in unprecedented detail. In a talk packed full of jaw-dropping images and videos, I’ll be your guide on a journey deep into the heart of our nearest star.

It’s the perfect way to reinforce many aspects of the physics curriculum.

Watch the opening two minutes

What teachers say

about my school

science talks…

“The best talk the school has ever had”

– Lingfield College

“An amazing talk. Thought provoking and inspiring”

– King’s College School, Wimbledon

I still have Sixth Formers who say your talk changed their life!

– A Head of Sixth Form

“The majority of students put it as their number one event across all subjects during our enrichment week”

– Lewes Old Grammar School

“The students have come back to me saying you were our best speaker yet”

– Pangbourne College

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