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 Perfect for science festivals, literary events and astronomical societies.

I’ve been an astronomy speaker and space presenter for over a decade, giving public talks to well over half a million people. You’ll always get cutting-edge science explained in crystal clear language.

All my talks are highly visual (no graphs, no equations) and full of human stories to maximise engagement. I can tailor the talk to your audience, depending on whether it consists mainly of families or adults.

The Ultimate Guide to Time Travel

An astronaut on Mars

Fancy following in the footsteps of Marty McFly? In this talk you’ll discover the story of the greatest time traveller in human history, a man who has done it and lived to tell the tale. You’ll also discover how you likely rely on time travel every day of your life.

Not that it is easy to achieve. You can move through the three dimensions of space in any way you like. But you’re normally restricted to moving one way through time – forwards, at the steady rate of one second per second. It takes a significant effort to travel through time in any meaningful way, but as our technology improves it may become commonplace. 

Based on my book Time: Ten Things You Should Know



“Such an enjoyable read… full of delightful nuggets that you will want to impress your friends and family with”

– Jim Al-Khalili


How We’ll Live on Mars 

An astronaut on Mars

Humans will soon make their first trip to
Mars. How will we get there? What challenges will you have to overcome and what spectacular sights await the successful? In a talk packed full of stunning visuals and the latest scientific thinking, I’ll take you on a journey to the Red Planet to witness the majesty of a Martian sunset.

Based on several of my books, including The Astronaut Selection Test Book with Tim Peake, you’ll hear just what it’ll take to achieve the most audacious feat of exploration ever attempted. I will even bring a real piece of Mars with me in the form a Martian meteorite.

Strap in for the voyage of a lifetime!

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Based on the following books

Rebel Star: The Sun’s Greatest Mysteries

Rebel Star, one of astronomy speaker and space science presenter Colin Stuart's talks



The Sun is many things: beauty, beacon, battery, belligerent. It’s the biggest thing for light-years around and yet we actually know relatively little about it.

That’s changing thanks to an armada of new spacecraft recently lofted into the solar system to scrutinise the Sun in unprecedented detail. In a talk packed full of jaw-dropping images and videos, I’ll be your guide on a journey deep into the heart of our nearest star.

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Based on my book Rebel Star



“A highly readable and topical account of the life and times of our neighbourhood nuclear furnace”

– John Gribbin


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