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I have learned through my work as an award-winning astronomy author that space has the ability to turn many of our preconceptions about reality on their heads. To jolt us into new ways of working, forcing us to leave our assumptions at the door.

As an energetic, boundary-pushing speaker and facilitator, let me open your eyes to a different way of thinking that can lead to a more successful business.

Unusual team building and communication skills workshops

How to think like an astronaut

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An unusual astronaut team building workshop business conference keynote speaker on innovation

 Astronauts epitomise the qualities of a high performing team. Do you want to know how they do it?

I’ve worked with astronauts first hand and written several books on astronaut training.

Perhaps you have a team about to embark on big project? Or a programme designed to equip your best and brightest with the skills to lead? Astronauts complete 18 months of intense training ahead of spending six months working together in space, focusing on human behaviour and performance. They discover a unique, powerful way to get the best out of each other, leading sometimes and listening always.

Now you can learn their ways in this interactive workshop (either 2 hours or half-day). It’s packed full of fun but instructive games, designed to enhance the teamwork and communication skills of your team.

Participants give the workshop an average score of 9.2 out of 10

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Business and conference keynote talks on innovation

Stars, Cells and Silos

What astronomers and doctors can teach you about collaboration

Silos can be a big issue in many organisations – multiple teams working on similar problems without knowledge of what the others are up to. These artificial walls result in your company missing out on fruitful, collective innovation. Accompanied by stunning visuals, you’ll hear about the spectacular results achieved when two seemingly disparate groups – astronomers and medical doctors – broke out of their silos and worked together. Their story will illustrate the benefits of greater communication and collaboration, and inspire those within your organisation to think differently.




  • Inter-departmental collaboration is the way to innovation within your organisation

  • This is particularly true with groups who don’t normally talk to each other

  • A direct challenge to consider how a silo mentality may be halting your progress

Challenging your assumptions

 What space can teach you about innovation

We all grow up with the same ideas about how the world works. Time, for example, always ticks at the same rate, years are never shorter than days and you certainly can’t travel through time. But modern science has shown all of these things to be false. Space lends us a unique perspective to see the world we thought we knew afresh. Are you ready to accept the challenge of reconsidering your hard-wired preconceptions? Doing so can lead to learning more about yourself and greater innovation within your organisation.



  • We make assumptions about the world throughout our lives

  • Our ideas about time are some of the most persistent, but science has shown us that many of them are false

  • A direct challenge exploring how questioning other everyday assumptions can lead to business success

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