Is time travel possible? What about paradoxes? Can time be stopped? Does it even exist? Find out in this popular science book

Is time travel possible? Find out in this popular science book


Time: 10 Things You Should Know


What about paradoxes? Can time be stopped? Does time even exist?

Find out in these ten bite-sized essays, in which Colin Stuart delves into these big questions and uncovers the most awe-inspiring and revealing things we should all know about time. Perfect for readers of Carlo Rovelli and anyone fascinated by space and the universe, this is a must-read popular science book for those short on time, but not curiosity.

“Such an enjoyable read… full of delightful nuggets that you will want to impress your friends and family with”

Jim Al-Khalili

“Beautifully written, and crystal clear, this is one of the best books on the subject I’ve read in, well, a very long time!”

– Lewis Dartnell

“This lovely, fascinating book blends history, geology, chemistry, philosophy and, of course, physics in a way that’s delightful to read. It’s easy to understand, yet full of mind-boggling ideas”

– Abigail Beall


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