Author visit to Kingston Academy

On 4 October I visited school to open the library and talk about the future of human spaceflight and sending the first people to Mars.

Signed and personalised copies of my books on space travel are still available to purchase.

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Mars: The Traveller’s Guide – £9.99

The first person to walk on Mars is already alive. Soon we could be routinely sending people there. Think of this book as your Lonely Planet for the Red Planet. Learn everything you need to know about your trip. From essential preparations for your journey, through the local climate and landscape, things to do, places to visit and the background, culture and natural history of the latest “must-visit” destination for humankind.

Activities for your trip include: sandboarding, hiking up Olympus Mons, glacier ice trekking and a visit to the magnificent oxygen factories of the Tharsis Bulge.

How To Live in Space – £14.99 (RRP £16.99)


How to Live in Space is the ultimate guide to your future life in space. Physicist and astronomer Colin Stuart takes you through the training process, examines the practicalities of everyday life and looks ahead to space tourism, moon bases and interstellar travel. Presented with infographics and photographs, How to Live in Space is a scientific yet entertaining guide to living in orbit, the viability of terraforming and the long-term effects of space on the human body.

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