From atoms to beehives to the movement of the planets, everything around us is buzzing with maths. So how does this language of numbers, symbols and equations make every single thing in our universe tick like an unseen clock? Visualise cosmic distances, discover the geometry in nature and marvel at the wonders of technology.

Learn about mathematics in an extraordinary new light. Stunning surrealist artwork by Ximo Abadía meets easy-to-read informative text by science writer Colin Stuart to create highly engaging content that will inspire future engineers, mathematicians and scientists.

Library Girl and Book Boy

The vibrantly-illustrated pages make the book inviting and intriguing, helping to lesson the potential fear of encountering some pretty big ideas.


Childtastic Books

“This book actually makes maths look interesting! The huge cover alone, with its glorious sparkles and colour, shows that it’s not just about dull numbers.

Amazon Reviewer

“A gorgeous book! Just beautiful to look at and such a brilliant introduction for my 9 year old daughter into some complicated mathematical concepts. Initiated great conversations and her exclaiming ‘I want to be a scientists when I grow up!’ What more could you ask for.”