Rebel Star: a popular science book on the Sun & about solar physics

Rebel Star: a popular science book on the Sun and about solar physics

The Sun is many things: beauty, battery, beacon and belligerent.

Each morning that giant nuclear reactor rises above the horizon to bathe us in the heat and light required to sustain life on Earth. It’s a familiar sight, yet we know surprisingly little about how the Sun works and this ignorance has left us vulnerable to the extremes of unpredictable solar storms. As a new era of solar exploration dawns, Rebel Star is a popular science account of what we know so far and the vital solar physics mysteries still to be solved regarding the powerhouse at the heart of our solar system.

With NASA’s Parker probe, the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter and the new DKIST telescope in Hawaii all now online, there has never been a more exciting time to get to know the Sun and learn how it does what it does.



Praise for Rebel Star

Lewis Dartnell 

Sunday Times Bestselling Author of Origins: How the Earth Made Us

“A thrilling story of not only the Sun’s inner workings and how it affects the Earth, but how we’ve come to understand the raw power of our local star. Beautifully written — Colin Stuart explains these mind-expanding details with crystal clarity.”

Brian Clegg

Bestselling author of over 30 popular science books

“Surprisingly, considering its fundamental importance to life on Earth, the Sun has been the Cinderella of astronomical popular science. In this fascinating and in-depth exploration of our friendly neighbourhood star, Colin Stuart makes sure that Cinderella gets to the ball.”

John Gribbin

Bestselling author of In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat

“A highly readable and topical account of the life and times of our neighbourhood nuclear furnace, on which all life on Earth depends – the sun. Colin Stuart pulls together an amazing amount of physics in an enjoyable narrative which conveys information painlessly. I read it at a sitting. ”

Melanie Windridge

Author of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights

“A deep-dive into what we currently know about the workings of our sun, and some of the big questions that remain unanswered. Indispensable for solar enthusiasts.”


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