Italian astronaut Sam Cristoforetti has one of the best views of anyone at the moment. Orbiting above our heads at 17,500 mph on the International Space Station, she can see up to 16 sunsets and sunrises in a single day.

She also gets a unique view on the rest of us as we scurry around through the daily grind. Here is her latest image of London. 

As with previous images of London from the ISS, you can see its intricate architecture. The unmissable M25 motorway provides the skin around the outside with London’s major thoroughfares acting as arteries, transporting vital supplies around to keep the city ticking.

You can’t fail to spot Heathrow Airport towards the top, a place to feed the metropolitan animal with new visitors. The brightness of the lights intensifies as you snake around the Thames to reach the gleaming heart of London.